Photo Credit: D.Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Yesterday Ljubljana Town Hall‘s press conference presented the results of this year’s research on the Attitudes of local residents towards the tourism.

The crucial findings showed that Ljubljana residents have a positive attitude towards the tourism. More than 90% of the locals see the development of tourism contributing to the development of their city. Half of the residents is sure that the community benefits from the tourism, while a third thinks that the growing tourism aids in the development of the local  economy.

In general, 40% of Ljubljana residents attribute to tourism a large and positive impact on the characteristics, local identity, culture and heritage of their city, however, less than one third of the city centre’s residents hold the same opinion. Residents of the city centre, though, find likable the infrastructure, the no-traffic rule, variety of events, neatness and cleanliness, culinary offers, nature, the green city mark, Ljubljanica River, and the old and historical buildings.

Photo Credit: Visit Ljubljana

A good third of participants in the study is satisifed with the inclusion of the local residents into the tourism development and with the tourism planning taking into account the quality of life of the residents.

A significant share of Ljubljana residents is well informed about the offer of events in the city centre. The main source of information are websites, social networks, and friends, however, a third of the residents gets informed through conventional media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio). Two thirds of the residents are familiar with and the Ljubljana Tourism brand. In addition, very well known is Ljubljana’s electric-powered vehicle referred to as Kavalir (Gentle Helper).

Photo Credit: D.Wedam/Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković and Petra Stušek, the director of Ljubljana Tourism, emphasized the importance of the cohabitation between the residents and visitors in accordance with the strategy of the sustainable development of tourism. For this reason, the Ljubljana Tourism is organizing a set of workshops where the representatives of the Municipality of Ljubljana, the Ljubljana Tourism, and the district representatives will exchange their opinions in order to find united answers for the future challenges.