Following successful events in London, Turkey and Stockholm, MICE-­in-­the-­bag have announced their next event, to take place in Villa Il Garofalo, Florence, on 9th February, 2018.

The company, which is famous for its unique events, has chosen the grounds of an exclusive and historic Florentine building to introduce a ‘walking meeting’ event.

MICE-­in-­the-­bag’s business model involves the creation of pop-­‐up, one-stop meeting environments for sellers and buyers of MICE. Much like pre-­screened dating, pre-­qualified sellers are matched with budget-­ready buyers in intimate, invitation-­only meeting events. This offers a significant saving in prospecting costs to the suppliers, putting them in a position to pass on savings to the buyers in more attractively priced packages.

In keeping with latest trends in the psychology of successful meetings, MICE-­in-­the-­bag have adopted the concept of ‘walking meetings’ and are staging the event in the spectacular residences of the Rimbotti family. Already, companies such as Apple and Digital Conferencing company PowWowWow are including walking meetings in their culture, while Google has built a 200m walking trail on the roof of its London Headquarters. Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick is said to walk 40 meeting­ miles a week on a specially built fourth-­floor meeting track at the San Francisco headquarters. Jason Downes, MD of PowWowWow says that walking meetings build better relationships by moving away from the formalities that meeting rooms tend to have.

The event will take place at “Villa Il Garofalo” in Fiesole. Originally owned by Dante Alighieri and now by the Rimbotti family, the villa’s grounds command some of the most breath-­taking views of the city of Florence. According to UNESCO, 60% of the world’s most important works of art are located in Italy and approximately half of these are in Florence.mice_in_the_bag

“We are enormously privileged to be able to host our next event at Villa Il Garofalo.” Commented Rosy Burnie, Co-­founder of MICE-­in-­the-­bag. “We aim to provide the most conducive business environment for our sellers and buyers and we were very interested in the concept of walking meetings. We were more than delighted to be offered one of the properties of the Rimbotti family.

“Our business model of providing exclusive engagements between suppliers and budget-­ready buyers is going from strength to strength. We’re always aiming to open our guests’ eyes to new possibilities and that means keeping the events unique. The one-­to-­one walking meetings between buyers and suppliers on the grounds of the villa will make this event very special.”

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