Museum of Illusions
Photo credit: Museum of Illusions


According to Oscar Wilde, »Illusion is the first of all pleasures.« In the capital of Slovenia, you are up for a bounty of first-degree pleasures for its special museum drags you into the core of illusion!

The Museum of Illusions captivates and inspires with its fun and educational experiences where one can taste the limits of perception. Any visitor’s knowledge about space gets shaken from top to bottom. Suddenly, the relativity of it all becomes a literal experience.

Various installations in the form of holograms, puzzles, optical illusions, optical riddles, stereograms, etc. encourage visitors to get their mind wrapped around the phenomenon of perception, the human brain, and science.

For example, one can be blown away by 40 exhibits, smaller installations such as the Mirror of Truth, Rubin’s Vase and Albert Einstein’s Hollow Face. To visitor’s pleasurable surprise, photos and holograms change, appear and disappear again. Or one can float in the anti-gravity room, gets turned upside down in the inverted room, dances in the infinity disco room loses ground under feet in the vortex tunnel,  makes a kaleidoscopic picture of oneself, or uses investigative and deductive skills through didactic-logical games and enigmas in the playroom.

On top of it all, one is allowed to scream, laugh, run around, touch and be interactive with anything exhibited. The core of the museum is this way brought to life: it brings loads of fun, information, and unusual experience that no other museum can offer.

Is your goal, as an event organizer, to bring pleasure to your attendees. Well, then it is high time you take them to Ljubljana’s Museum of Illusions and your attendees be pulled into the unknown, exciting, shocking and endlessly pleasurable new view of space. For, what is the pleasure, if not the fun when entering a Wonderland that one has never dared to believe in its existence before?

Photo credit: Museum of Illusions


Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa is a boutique hotel and a protected architectural heritage landmark, just a few minutes walk from the Museum of Illusions. This luxury hotel is located in an impressive 16th-century palatial city residence in the very heart of the centre of Ljubljana, boasting one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. Spacious suites and boutique rooms are individually designed with an inviting décor and style that is accompanied by the latest amenities. The hotel can also host events for up to 120 guests in a collection of break-out areas such as courtyard, charming garden, 2 bars, and lounge areas by an open fire.

Hungry? Treat yourself to an excellent meal at Cubo hotel (also just a stone’s throw away from Museum of Illusions) which is renowned for its breakfasts and light lunches. However, they also offer business lunch and dinners for the business guests with high expectations.

Or get your guests to a BBQ restaurant properly called Kralj žara (The King of Grill). This steak & smoke house, also located in a close vicinity of Museum of Illusions, offers simple recipe – fresh ingredients, classic dishes, and skilled preparation.


Offer your colleagues an event with the different scene. The Museum offers space for any kind of event, such as press conferences, corporate events, brand launches, team buildings, celebrations, theme parties, and even video shootings! The layout of the items and the carefully selected content bring a special ambiance and color to each and every event held in it.

The two-storey layout of the Museum brings feelings of home and intimacy, whilst the lively layout of each room simultaneously creates a need for exploring and discovering the unknown.
The Museum of Illusions will meet all of your needs, so all you need to do is make the decision to offer your employees or partners a completely unexpected event.

Be brave and choose something unexpected, exciting and dive into the relativity!

Museum of Illusions
Photo credit: Museum of Illusions


The museum is located in one of Ljubljana’s central squares (the Congress Square or Kongresni trg) and it is impossible to miss.


From the beginning of September 2016, the Museum of Illusions enthused more than 110.000 guests from Slovenia and from around the world.

Behind the smooth functioning and crazily innovative ideas of the Museum, stands a team of 9 young people who love the illusions and have, so to say, a dream job for they can experience illusions every single day. Join their enthusiasm!


Museum of Illusions
Kongresni trg 13, 1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 1 320 54 66