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Fielddrive – Global onsite event technology

Fielddrive is an innovative Suite of Services for onsite attendee management across the globe, offered by Expo Logic, one of the leading US companies in event technology industry in the world, which is expanding its operations in Europe. This remarkable Suite of Services includes:

  • New, game-changing technology called fielddrive Facial Recognition, brought by partnering with Zenus, enabling the fastest and easiest check-in solution, by recognizing attendees as they walk-in and at the same time print their badges.
  • Live Badging solution, which is the fastest full-color onsite solution for printing badges, capable of managing up to 500 visitor check-in’s and registrations onsite and is fully customizable by client’s needs – both for designing badges as well as printing them
  • Data Integration, capable of integrating with over 40 event registration providers or association management systems in order to connect clients online and onsite data so that all the event information is exchanged consistently both ways.
  • Track and Trace capabilities which can be implemented at the event, to get more data with attendee tracking, session scanning and lead retrieval.

Fielddrive can be deployed to the events from anywhere across the globe thanks to network of certified fielddrive partners.