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Edin Delibegović, investor in the 20 million euros worth project, signed a contract with Marriott Hotels which manages more than 30 international brands including Sheraton.

Opatija Hotel Belvedere will this way become the first hotel in the Croatian coastal town of Opatija that will wear a world’s brand title “Sheraton Opatija”.

Hotel Belveder and its annexe, located in one of the most beautiful Opatia’s locations, have been for several years in a very bad shape. However, the new contract is bringing to this hotel a completely new renovation by the new summer season. The renovation project will be led by Zagreb’s company Arhitektri. The goal of the renovation is to connect the annexe with the hotel building through warm paths so that all the guests would be able to access any part of the buildings no matter their momentary location. In addition, the hotel complex will also collaborate with the neighboring building of Casino Rosalie. The Casino will open in March 2018, while the hotel and its annexe’s opening are announced for the beginning of the summer season.

The new Sheraton Hotel with 195 rooms will satisfy conditions for 5-star hotels also with the indoor pool, underground garage and three restaurants.