Photo credit: VanjoG, TEDxLjubljana

Practically everybody has already heard about the TED talks (if you haven’t, you can find more information about the format at the end of the article or listen to some TED talks on YouTube or You will never be the same person after you hear some of the best talks that will inspire you and give you chills.

On Sunday December 3rd 2017 almost 1,500 people in Ljubljana met to listen. This could sound like some sort of a cult, but when you hear that it was the TEDxLjubljana event, you understand. The CD Congress Centre Ljubljana was hosting probably one of the most inspiring events of the year in Ljubljana, a special event, vibrant and energetic, with so many ideas, creativity and motivation under one roof. The perfect description of TEDx event that happened right in the centre of Ljubljana, in great Gallus Hall of CD Congress Centre Ljubljana. The hall, with its superb technical resources and equipment is the perfect venue for an unlimited range of events: with its excellent acoustics for big concerts hosting the world renowned music names; its grand stage and the technical diversity for great theatre and multimedia shows; and of course for large events like big congresses, conventions or events like TEDxLjubljana that Sunday.

Photo credit: Ines Ozimek, TEDxLjubljana

Five hours were filled with interesting, provoking topics, amazing and carefully selected speakers, thought-provoking videos and mind-blowing conversation. A unique gathering that unleashes new ideas, inspire and inform – this certainly was proved once again in Ljubljana. The small and boutique congress destination is one of the world’s destinations that organize this events where 1,491 visitors heard 10 talks on various topics and ideas, this year in the areas of river ecology, health systems, nanotourism, economical independence, anal health, rational and intuitive decision making, food sustainability, therapies with animals, new ways of managing and accepting oneself.

All in all, the world is your oyster – it is up to you, what you do with everything life offers you! :)
Photo: Ines Ozimek and Anze Grabeljsek, TEDxLjubljana

INTERVIEW WITH NIKA MOČNIK, TEDxLjubljana team leader & licensee

Since 2015, Cankarjev dom is hosting your event. Why did you choose Cankarjev dom as the venue for the event and what are their advantages?
Our first event in Cankarjev dom was in 2013 in the Linhart hall. TEDxLjubljana has been doing events since 2009 and with each event we went to a bigger venue. We decided to go to Cankarjev dom because it has the classiest halls of this size. Our team believes that TEDx events are best held in theatrical halls with a separate stage from the viewers, where the audience can clearly see and hear the speakers. In 2013 we were really scared – will we be able to fill the whole Linhart hall? The tickets were sold out in less than half an hour. So in 2014 we decided to go to the biggest venue of this type in Slovenia – the Gallus hall! We were even more frightened that year but our followers surprised us – it took them just minutes to fill the whole venue! This year marks the fourth year of TEDxLjubljana taking place in the Gallus hall and we are really happy with our choice to host the event in Cankarjev dom. Having that in mind, we went ahead and booked the venue for the next three years.  Our communication with their staff is just amazing – they are really cooperative and supportive.

Nika Mocnik, Photo credit: TEDxLjubljana

How do you strive to be better each year and with each TEDx event? 
Each year our audience gives us feedback and we strive to organise an even better event the next year. We always do a review of the event ourselves – what was great and what could be improved. One of the most important parts is, of course, the quality of speakers and their performance on stage. This is why we begin our search for the event speakers in early spring.

Next year is the right time to take the next step – to include the stage in the Gallus hall and what it offers even more. Be prepared for a surprise on December 9th 2018!

What is a successful event by your standards? 
As an event manager I always strive for perfection in events, including TEDxLjubljana. I think what makes a great event is that everything works – there is nothing that you as an attendee would notice as missing or wrong. The atmosphere created by the people organising the event is crucial.

It all starts when you enter the venue – is the person greeting you wearing a smile? Did your registration go smoothly? Do you have all the information you need – when it starts, who will be on stage, what can you expect, where are the toilets, where can you hang your coat etc.? Is there music in the background (just loud enough you can relax, but not so loud you cannot talk)? And then what happens on the stage is really important. I don’t mean just the program and the speakers, but also the moderator, the performances and the technical part of the event have to be flawless. This year we had a team of 35 people preparing the event and I couldn’t pick one out and say that his or her job was more important than the role of another person. What makes a successful event is a team, working together towards a common goal, making the atmosphere and program that the audience will never forget.

Photo Credit: Ines Ozimek, TEDxLjubljana

TEDxLjubljana in numbers:
25 events in 8 years (from 2009)
9,027 visitors at their events
142 speakers and speeches
439,789 views of the videos from TEDxLjubljana 2016
9,365 FB followers
10,746 live stream views

Photo credit: Ines Ozimek, TEDxLjubljana