December is certainly the most magical month of the year and a month with the biggest number of festivities, either family and friend bonding or corporate events at the end of the year. And on December, Cankarjev dom, home of the CD Congress Centre Ljubljana turns into a world of magic, a world where the festivities and celebrations makes the world turn around and where the corporative world pushes the snooze button and celebrates. At the end of the year, most of the companies spend some quality, but also magical time with their employees, co-workers and simply celebrate. And for one day or night they celebrate the past success, salute to future goals and create even greater bonds with co-workers.

CD Congress Centre Ljubljana – ideal venue for all sorts of new year events
Cankarjev dom is an ideal venue for spending it wrapped in a merry and festive atmosphere and the festive corporative events already started at the end of November, continuing all through the whole December. Their most popular hall for this events is the CD Club with its panoramic windows and location on the 6th floor, offering a stupendous view on Ljubljana, the boutique congress destination. Also known as the excellent place for after party events for the congresses or conferences held at CD Congress Centre Ljubljana or perfect place for artistic events, social gatherings, receptions, parties, business lunches, etc. It’s like a Chameleon, having ability to change its purpose and create a totally different atmosphere. The Second Foyer in combination with the Linhart Hall is also very popular place where on December days, you will hear the laughter, music, people toasting to new year. And if the events are truly big with the bigger companies celebrating, the Second Foyer and Gallus Hall perfectly combine together, creating magnificent event. If you are in search for truly exclusive and chic venue – the CD Gallery is simply the best place to be and a place where the elegant and architecturally variegated space is designed for artistic impression for your event.

The longest night of the year can be magical
As you know, Cankarjev dom is the congress, but also the Slovenian cultural institution and in case you don’t have any plans for the New Year’s Eve, you can spend it at Cankarjev dom with their festive events “Stories of Love, Stories of the Heart”. As you know, investing in knowledge or culture is the best life investment. You should also consider that when deciding for a gift – ticket for cultural event is also a great present. Always!

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