Interview with Enej Vitrih, Marketing Manager at Hotel Park

Q: How do you boost the levels of creativity at events?
Firstly, we need to know the type of group of people at the event – some are by default more geared to creativity and being engaged, but some others prefer some distance, and we prepare accordingly.
The biggest boost is food and not just the boring coffee breaks, but in any case we have a wide variety of ‘green’ coffee breaks.

Q: How do you sell creativity at events?
We try to sell a different kind of experience to clients. Some come with a fixed idea in their mind (a Power Point presentation and the traditional coffee break), but we try to show them there are different, creative ways. We then help them achieve a more creative event.


Creativity tends to go out of the box and sometimes it loses the scope of the event.

Q: How do you measure creativity at events?
We measure it with fun and progress. A creative event must be fun for the attendees and at the end of the day we should have more positive results that were not necessarily planned.

Q: How do you organise creativity at events?
We plan ahead, prepare gadgets, food menus, music, the ambience and take into consideration the clients. If it is supposed to be a really serious topic, we organise it differently than if it was a lighter topic event.

Q: How do you manage creativity at events?
You need to have a pretty clear idea of what the goal should be and you need to put in place some ground rules. Creativity tends to go out of the box and sometimes it loses the scope of the event. You need to be aware of that and just steer the creativity flow in the right direction.


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