Photo Credit: CD Congress Centre Ljubljana

Between 2nd and 4th of February 2018, one of the biggest Slovenian congress centres will host the 4th Festival of Holistic Health DAO YAH (Festival celostnega zdravja DAO YAH). The annual and well visitied Festival has been organised and hosted by CD Congress Centre that expects up to 4,000 visitors interested in theory and practice of holistic medicine.

Every event or meeting planner knows how health is important in order to cope with the stressful reality of her/his duties. The same goes for the CD Congress Centre which is fully aware of the importance of maintaining good health and is therefore fully supporting the annual execution of the Festival of Holistic Health. The festival is aimed at promoting health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs applied to treat, diagnose and prevent illnesses and maintain well-being, including traditional Chinese and Indian (Ayurveda) medicine and homeopathy.

CD Congress Centre says in the programme’s introduction, that they, as the organiser, believe into the numerous benefits of the thousands of years old medicine that supply even our time and world with useful knowledge. Therefore, in the collaboration with academically educated experts, doctors, pharmacists and biologists, the CD Congress Centre for the 4th time organises a three-day festival with lectures, round tables, workshops, open stage and sales exhibition.

The festival will, besides the general themes related to health and vitality, offer also lectures on the importance of healthy diet for maintaining health as well as during the time of illness. The focus will be on a diet for special groups of people  (children, elderly, and athletes), as well as for the individuals with different diets and digestive disorders. The nutritional and medical value of food will be emphasized through cases of food’s positive impact on maintaining health on one side, as well as of food’s role in causing ilnesses on the other.

CD Congress Centre Ljubljana will, thus, become a centre of health. For on top of attending lectures and round tables, the visitors will be able to talk to certified providers of products and services who will present their practices, and they will be able to participate in workshops, eat in a vegan restaurant, watch movies, and enjoy in dance performances.

The detailed programme of the Festival of Holistic Health can be seen here: