Interview with Eda Özden, Director of Business Development at MEP

Q: How do you boost the levels of creativity at events?
We believe that infusing a destination’s specialities and locals into an event automatically makes it more creative, and an event should reflect and embody its location. This can be as simple as choosing a characteristic venue or as exciting as incorporating local specialists into the event’s various aspects.

Q: How do you sell creativity at events?
We make sure we understand our clients and our audience – and of course the budget. If the right alternatives are proposed in the right way, selling creativity is easy! The right creativity is the one that is specialized and targeted to the goals of the event. We never forget that.

People do not talk about events that look the same everywhere they go.

Q: How do you measure creativity at events?
A creative event is a highly engaging event. If the attendees are engaging, tweeting, asking questions – then the event has been creative. People do not talk about events that look the same everywhere they go or are organised the same as every year. So measure engagement and you’ve measured creativity.

Q:How do you organise creativity at events?
With every step of the programme we make sure that the guests feel that they are having a unique experience: one that is tailor-made for them, one that they could not have organised on their own and one that reflects our love for our destination. We try to appeal to all senses of the guests so that they don’t only see the destination, but feel, taste, hear and smell it.

Q:How do you manage creativity at events?
Creativity is an approach, not a budget item, so we make sure we offer it even in small doses with what we call the “MEP Touch”. From small chat with locals, to home cooked meals, to engaging Turkish opera & ballet students, to even infusing our own passions – clients appreciate the mindset.