Aoife Delaney_DMC Network
Photo credit: DMC Network

Founded in 1978, the DMC Network has grown from a handful of local offices into the meeting and event industry’s only fully member-owned community of award-winning destination management companies operating in over 75 destinations across the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Managing Director Dan Tavrytzky thankfully and proudly emphasized that the milestone that the company reached is very significant, and that the DMC wants to make this anniversary meaningful by creating a year-long commitment to corporate social responsibility through each of their amazing partners.  Over the course of 2018 they will be working with each of their destinations to give back to their local community in a way that is iconic to that specific destination. To mark this celebration they will give back to the destinations that have helped the DMC achieve their success.

Aoife Delaney, Director of Marketing & Sales, emphasizes that the DMC’s goal is to be relevant in a tangible way within the communities where DMCs are active. Their motto “We will be there for you” is and remains a reflection of their business orientation.