Photo credit: Slovak National Theatre

The great literary work, written by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov is staged at the Slovak National Theatre. The masterpiece of the novel will soak you into the amazing world of attitude towards religious, social, philosophical and spiritual questions for 4 hours and 30 minutes with one interval.

One must admit that Bratislava has a great honor to host Eifman Ballet in the Slovak National Theatre since the Eifman’s ballet company performs at the most prestigious world scenes. Management of the Slovak National Theatre Ballet with its director Jozef Dolinsky did their utmost to achieve the license for Eifman‘s choreography according to Dostoyevsky´s novel Karamazov Brothers, in order to study and introduce it in its own artistic design. It was an extremely ambitious goal. Boris Eifman, the author himself, considers this ballet the most difficult and demanding.  The most important criteria for obtaining the license was to prove the high artistic quality of the ensemble. In the Slovak National Theatre, Boris Eifmann found an ensemble able to fulfill his high demands and expectations. After the premiere, Eifman praised the qualities of the SNT Ballet by his words: “I felt as I was watching my own ensemble!” This is his expression of acknowledgment and evaluation of magnificent, moving, artistically rich and beautiful evening, which needs no comment and is really worth of experience.

Bratislava will surprise you and inspire you at every step you will take – even if walking into the ballet performance for the ones, ready for cultural surpluses!