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AIM Group International, a leading company in congress, meetings and events organization, has introduced a new corporate Code of Ethics for all Italian and foreign companies of the group. The Code of Ethics summarizes the corporate values of AIM Group International with a commitment to entrepreneurial correctness, fair competition, the enhancement of human resources, loyalty and transparency, professionalism, environmental sustainability and a strict compliance with all laws and regulations.

Gianluca Buongiorno, president of AIM Group International outlines that their commitment to an ethical and responsible business has been part of the DNA of AIM Group since its foundation and drives the company to keep its vigilance high. They consider it important to introduce their new Code of Ethics updated with respect to the new regulations in force. It must be the only valid reference for all the companies and activities of the Group, in Italy and abroad.

According to the Code of Ethics not only all managers, employees and collaborators of AIM Group but also consultants, suppliers, business partners and all those acting on behalf of AIM Group must comply with its principles and rules. AIM Group is therefore committed to promoting an awareness of the Code of Ethics both internally, with dedicated training to the employees, and externally, involving suppliers and partners.


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The Code of Ethics also introduces the new function of the Compliance Officer with the task of providing support for clarifications on the rules, controlling its application and verifying any reported violation, as well as coordinating communication and training activities about the Code. AIM Group entrusted this task to Paolo Ottone, Head of Quality Assurance of AIM Group.

Particular attention is then paid to compliance with laws and codes of conduct when collaborating with Public Administrations and Governments, when organizing events with health professionals and to preventing conflicts of interest.

AIM Group International, as leader in the Meeting Industry for more than 55 years, is aware of its responsibility to clients and all stakeholders in terms of ethics, sustainability, transparency and quality of service.

Paolo Ottone adds that the implementation of the new deontological charter is part of the Group’s constant commitment to provide itself with instruments that guarantee high professional standards and insure compliance with these principles.

MedTech Europe, the European trade association representing the medical technology industry, certified AIM Group International as an Ethical MedTech Trusted Partner. Upon completion of a demanding three-step process, the Ethical Charter provided AIM Group a Trusted Partner logo valid for renewable periods of two years.

The Ethical Charter is a voluntary certification initiative for organizers of third-party educational events, proving the commitment of PCOs to the ethical standards and new rules included in the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. It also aims to facilitate the industry’s support for independent medical education to organizations that are certified and who commit to comply with the Code when organizing their events.

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Rosangela Quieti, managing director AIM Italy Congress Division outlined that they proudly received the certification. And that medical education is a sensitive subject and has a complex system of rules and ethics standards which have to be managed carefully and put into practice with a high level of compliance and detailed knowledge of consequences. As a PCO with a long-term commitment to ethics standards and in-depth experience in the educational field they applied to the voluntary MedTech certification as a result of their natural achievement. As a Trusted Partner they will continue to operate with a stronger determination to excellence and compliance.