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About 30 years ago, when the MICE industry began to develop actively, it seemed that the world was connecting, that boundaries were blurring, and a huge world of possibilities was opening up. The incredible number of agencies and businesses that opened in these decades did everything to get acquaintaned with this world as conveniently as possible, and business developed quickly.

Now, after a while, the event industry has emerged from the shadow of MICE. It has become clear that neither forums, nor conferences, nor exhibitions are the format for event profs. This business needs its business activities.

Whatever the political conditions dictate and the fact that we are not attached to the local market, there are two laws that force us to push the boundaries and look ahead – this is the desire and the interest to develop.

Baltic For Events forum is a daring business project designed to establish new ways of communication between such different countries as Poland, the Baltics, Finland and Scandinavia. This is the first and only forum of its kind, focused on the macro-region.

This region is unique because it is able to grasp the immensity of events. The types and conduct of B2C and festivals, working with clients, the death of live campaigns, moderation of an audience – these are just a few topics that will be discussed on April 19-20 at the Baltic Events Forum in Tallinn.

We have created a mix of their unique experience, opinions, views and dialogues, which will determine not only the development of the industry, but will also be the main step to its fulfillment and perfection.

Polish market offers great potential with impressive budgets to create interesting and colorful projects. Lathvians are some of the first to work with global corporations and global clients. Estonia is the strongest TECH market for professionals, perhaps the most advanced and impressive state in the EU in terms of the number of innovations and services in the field of technology for event organizers. Lithuania leads in the number of creative minds, start-ups and narrow-profile specialists. Finland is a country that has found the most logical and justified application of ROI. Sweden is the only country in which experiments in events are the norm. Where there is no concept of format or a golden section, where creativity is the meaning, the budget is given, the calculus is the evidence and the measures are the wow effect.

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