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A young Slovenia team from Futorist startup is setting up new rules for free web content, created by users. With this new platform, the contents created by users, such as bloggers, writers on different forums, daily social media users and others will be paid in Futorist Token, crypto currency chips.

Žiga Lukša, head of Futourist team, describes their product as an upgrade of TripAdvisor web page. At the beginning they will award reviews and ratings created by the users. When we will prove that it works, we will also apply the idea to other business models, where also other web contents will be awarded.

The startup is developing their platform together with the team of OpenHours platform, that will share their infrastructure, data and users with Futorist team. OpenHours has more than a million of unique users per month from 21 European countries and from the USA.


The number of Slovenian blockchain projects is growing rapidly, making Slovenia, with only 2 million inhabitants, a potential superstar in a blockchain world.