Photo Credit: CD Cultural and Congress Centre

The Circular staircase‘s personality begins with its technical aspects. One of them is its function as an actual evacuation path leading from the Linhart Hall (Linhartova dvorana), the CD’s second largest Hall with the theatre style of a stage and a proscenium, towards the outdoor platform of the Cankarjev dom.

Additional technical function of the hidden stairway is in providing the ventilation. To be specific, when the Linhart Hall and its adjacent spaces, like backstage and dressing rooms, need some fresh air from outside, then the doors, located on various levels of the circular staircase, are opened so that the fresh supply of air is provided for the visitors’ well-being. This same fresh air is also used for the redistribution of air to AC units in some of the Cankarjev dom’s Halls.

Besides its technical character, however, the Circular staircase (Krožno stopnišče) presents an unusual and out-of-the-box venue for events or incentives. Its special layout combined with its dramatic looks attracted world-renowned Slovenian choreographer and performative dancer Branko Potočan to use it for his performance on ropes. The performance called Somewhere in Between (Nekje vmes) in 2003 was a special interactive performance in which the audience, seated on the staircase, was watching actors performing on ropes hanging inside the circular staircase’s space. At the time, the performance  was so enchanting that it was repeated for 3 more consecutive theatre seasons.

Nowadays, this special setting hasn’t been used for events anymore for its iron construction is waiting to be refurbished. However, maybe the staircase, in its present non-renovated form, even more so meets the growing need for the vintage setting which is »the new black« of the MICE industry.

And, not to forget, the innovativeness and the creativity are also two of the most sought for added values in the events industry. With this in mind, the Circular staircase is perfectly suitable to satisfy these conditions. Just for example, its enthralling and unconventional character could excellently fit as an alternative kind of scene for a fashion show or for a club party for a limited number of visitors. Tempted yet?

Maybe instead of the conclusion, let’s add another proof of the staircase’s tempting nature: according to some of the former employees of Cankarjev dom, twenty or so years ago, the staircase was a popular hidden spot for the new couples formed among the staff to use it for secretive romantic meetings. Case closed. The butterfly should open its wings again.