On the opening day of the Summit, the non-profit Global Wellness Institute launched “The Wellness Moonshot,” the first global commitment to achieve a world free of preventable disease. And in many ways, The Moonshot perfectly reflects this 2018 Wellness Trends Forecast. Each of the eight trends speaks to either entrepreneurial or personal wellness moonshots that push the health and wellness envelope in unprecedented ways. In years ahead this new directions in wellness will grow worldwide and become big businesses.

Magic mushroom are a new trend and a big upcoming hit in wellness. More and more medical researches are proving that the magic mushrooms show promise to treat depression, anxiety and addiction. Microdosing psilocybin as a brain booster, a trend straight outta Silicon Valley, will soon go global. And a new kind of wellness “trip”, magic mushroom retreats, will keep popping up. Mushrooms will soon get infused in everything imaginable: powders, lattes, cocoas, chocolate, broth, oils, teas…

The other trends such as “Transformative travels”, which is the new 2018 buzzword, described as “travel that changes people on a deeply personal level, creating emotion through the powerful medium of storytelling…”and »emotional wellness« of both future parents, “Wellness Kitchen”encourages preparing healthy food with organic, living, fresh ingredients. A big focus is also on clean air that we breathe both indoor and out, where more salt therapy and breathwork training, or choosing “lung-cleaning” travel destinations are suggested. A new happiness science is identifying what we need to focus on in wellness, and in this year of female empowerment, a new feminist wellness is rapidly emerging. As people worldwide embrace their own health and wellness destinies, these trends will continue to expand – and our own personal moonshots will become worthwhile goals in 2018 and beyond.

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