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Slovenians identify themselves through various symbolic icons that have shaped the nation over centuries into what it is today. When Slovenians, for example, talk about Triglav – Slovenia’s highest mountain which is also a symbol of Slovenia, they are actually talking about themselves. Indeed, the Slovenian soul is intertwined with Slovenian mountains that include Julian Alps, Karavanke Alps, and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Hiking, mountaneering, and climbing are among the most favourite activities and sports in this Alpine country.

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Furthermore, a Slovenian instrumental folk polka from 1955, On Mt.Golica (Na Golici), composed by the legendary Slavko Avsenik, is considered to be one of the most recognisable polka compositions and the most played instrumental composition in the world.

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Therefore it is of a no surprise that Slovenia also hosts several film festivals that are dedicated to films about mountains. The most important mountain film festival in south-east Europe, will from 26th February until 4th March be mainly held in Cankarjev dom – CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana. The 12th Mountain Film Festival (Festival gorniškega filma), will showcase a rich selection of films about mountains, which are complemented by a diverse accompanying programme: lectures, exhibitions and round tables.

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The festival’s aim is to promote mountain nature and culture, including remote mountains, diverse cultures, adrenaline-charged ascents, and mystical nature. Organized by the Mountain Culture Association (Društvo za gorsko kulturo), the Mountain Film Festival, is the biggest of its kind in Slovenia.

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Inspiring and breathtaking big-screen stories will talk about mountaneering, climbing, adventures, mountain nature and culture. Numerous of  the hosted movies have already been awarded on similar festivals around the world. The competing categories are listed as follows: Mountaneering, Climbing, Mountains, Sporst and Adventure, Mountain Nature and Culture.