The largest conference for organisations in Europe

Sarawak looks forward in fostering closer ties with international associations, federation and societies at the Associations World Congress from 12th – 14th March in Antwerp, Belgium.

Spearheaded by the Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB), Chief Operating Officer Amelia Roziman stressed on the importance of pursuing and cultivating global relationships at this congress.

Amelia Roziman

“Associations possess undisputed knowledge, the latest findings, and constantly seek to advance real impactful change to their members and their members’ communities. On this front, Sarawak is capable to provide such platforms, evident from its strong reputation as a preferred international destination for convention organisers,” commented Roziman.

“Sarawak widens its borders to welcome all associations tribes – be they scientific, trade or philanthropic – to assemble under one powerful global tribe to create new realities. This is the vision of our boldest campaign, Redefining Global Tribes, and we are excited to bring this back to the shores of Antwerp,” she concluded.

The Associations World Congress, now in its 11th year, is the largest conference for employees and officers of professional, scientific and trade membership organisations in Europe.

Redefining Global Tribes, an award-winning campaign which champions the impact of Business Events has on the global economy, unites Business Events communities around the world under one identity.


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