Following the international premiere of Mercedes Benz’s new hatchback model, the 2018 A-class in Amsterdam and the promotional shoot of the new model on the Croatian island of Pag, Mercedes decided to bring an even bigger event to Croatia. 

From 9 to 24 of April 2018, the scenic roads of Šibenik, Split, and Trogir will be overrun by over 400 automotive and tourism journalists, testing out the driving capabilities of the new Mercedes A-Class. The test routes will take the journalists from the island of Čiovo, across Trogir to Šibenik and onto the famous Barone Fortress, from which a 26-kilometer drive will take them to the Golden Rays resort in Primošten. The second day will bring new driving enjoyment as they make their way towards the town of Split.


Along with experiencing the completely redesigned vehicle with the tri-star logo, attendees of the press drives will also be able to admire the picturesque landscape and scenic roads of Dalmatia. One of the highlights will most certainly be the drive up to Baron’s Fortress on Vidakuša hill overlooking the old city center of Šibenik. It will be a great promotional opportunity for the historic venue, as journalists are coming from the lifestyle and tourism segments as well.

What's so special about the new A-Class?

Soon after the first edition was launched, many labeled it as the baby of the Mercedes family, but today the A-Class is proving to be no less grown-up and comfortable than some bigger models in the Mercedes line-up. The A-Class certainly grew bigger, featuring a more spacious interior and a 29-liter increase in boot volume. It also got more intelligent, giving the driver the option to control his vehicle with voice commands, and as Mercedes says, creating a more personal bond between driver and machine. The voice command can be brought to life by simply saying “Hey Mercedes”, similar to Siri on the iPhone. Some of the advanced driver-assistance and safety systems from the S-Class luxury car have been introduced meaning the new hatchback can drive semi-autonomously in certain situations.



Eating Proscuitto On The Baron’s Fortress
Fortress Barone in Šibenik is not just proud of the most prestigous Croatian award in tourism, The Best Cultural Attraction 2016, but also of its already traditional event Marendin.


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