Photo credit: Marko Hren

Makro Beer Fest 2018, organised by Pivarna and Makro Beer Fest and intended for lovers of craft beers, brought to GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR) over the weekend between 20 and 20 April, 33 different breweries from 12 countries that offered more than 100 different craft beers for beer experts and fans. Visitors were able to taste lagers, pale ales, IPA-s, stouts, porters and other several carefully brewed sorrels, goses, sours aged either in wine, rum, whisky or oak barrels.

The story of the first Makro Beer Fest in Ljubljana actually started five years ago, when Andrej Krštinc from Pivarna (a specialised craft-beer store in northeast Slovenian city of Maribor) with his crew launched Makro Beer Fest Maribor which was then held four times. As Mr.Kšrtinc told for Kongres Magazine: »We noticed that the Slovenian capital hadn’t had such a festival yet, therefore we decided that we should be the ones to bring it there.«

There were craft beers offered in quantities proper for tasting (from 150ml on) and in proper beer-tasting glasses. Beer tasting was accompanied with diverse pizzas, burgers, falafel wraps etc. Visitors had a rare opportunity to meet the actual producers of showcased beers and discuss with them the production of particular beers, the proper tasting, and the proper way of drinking it. At the same time, different brewers were able to share their knowledge and experience.

»The aim of the event is exactly that,« as emphasied Mr.Krštinc, organiser of the first Ljubljana’s Makro Beer Fest held in GR’s Steklena Hall, »visitors can meet and socialise with people who stand behind their favourite craft-beer brand or can find a new favourite craft-beer producer.« Makro Beer Fest fulfilled its goal for GR was for two days a place of socialising, networking, and discussing beers that present some of the best European craft-beers from small breweries that otherwise get little opportunity to directly showcase themselves to their fans and to each other as well.