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Cankarjev Dom – Cultural and Congress Centre celebrated the 142nd birth anniversary of the greatest Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar, whose name the biggest Slovenian congress centre is bearing with pride.


Ivan Cankar from the turn of the 20th Century is the most celebrated Slovenian writer, playwright and poet. He was not only the giant of written Slovenian word and the central figure of the modern Slovenian literature, but was also a socially committed political activist and one of the greatest speakers of his time.


Cankar’s plays are the cornerstone of the repertoire of Slovenian theatres. His dramatic composition touch on universal concerns, addressing topics that have contemporary resonance, and whose characters remain one of the greatest acting challenges in Slovenian literary history.


As Ivan Cankar was instrumental in raising the Slovenian literature to the global level, Slovenia’s largest cultural and congress centre proudly bears his name and recognises Ivan Cankar’s enduring cultural legacy and pursues the mission of presenting it also to future generations. Cankarjev Dom – Cultural and Congress Centre (CD) thus in May annually celebrates the anniversary of Ivan Cankar’s birth. In this May, CD celebrates the writer’s 142nd birth anniversary.


On the 10th of May 2018, CD marked the anniversary with a special event in the immediate vicinity of Cankarjev dom, in front of the Ivan Cankar monument that was made by sculptor Slavko Tihec and inaugurated on the 10th of May 1982.

Photo credit: Aleš Rosa

Uršula Cetinski, the Director General of Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre since 2014, in her address emphasized:

»Cankar awakens respect. Not only because he was a great writer and playwright. But also because he was a man who created everything by himself, nothing was given to him. Respect as a man who remained true to himself, to his principles and beliefs even though he paid a high price for it. This is a noble quality worthy of admiration, as it is so rare in humans. Especially nowadays, in the era of chameleonic adaptability, hypocrisy and conformism.«

Photo credit: Aleš Rosa

»A hommage to the artist«, the special event prepared for the occasion, acknowledged the giant of Slovenian written word with readings from his plays, recitations of his poems, a choir performance, and a concert.

On 11 May 2017, a prominent Slovenian writer, translator, editor, professor, scientist and activist Svetlana Slapšak held a lecture titled »Cankar and eroticism«.

Photo credit: Iztok Dimc


In June, an extensive overview exhibition dedicated to life and work of Ivan Cankar will be launched. The project consists of two exhibitions at once – one held in Cankarjev dom and the other in the City Museum of Ljubljana (Mestni muzej Ljubljana). The two exhibitions are differently outlined and designed, but still hold a complementary and clear message on the value and role of the biggest master of Slovenian word.

Photo credit: CD

The exhibition in CD will be set in the space of the CD Gallery and will be expanded to the Duša Počkaj Hall. The central part of the exhibition will emphasize sixteen of his most important works. The joint exhibition, titled »Ivan Cankar in Europe – between Shakespeare and Kafka«, will offer a special visual experience, born in the dialogue with Cankar’s spiritual and aestherical horizon, and will be also available for the Cankarjev dom’s MICE guests.

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