Photo credit: Že v redu, Primož


Indeed, Slovenia’s capital is well synchronized with the latest international trends in having fun, among which craft-beer offer takes the lead. However, beer brewing is not a novelty in Slovenia, but rather, it goes to 3,900-year-old beer barrels excavated at the Ljubljana Marshes, while the earliest known brewery in Ljubljana dates back to 1592.


Today, one of the special craft-beer spots located in a special street wears a special name. The word goes about a beer-craft shop located in the most colourful, artistic, cosmopolitan and lively Ljubljana’s street – Trubarjeva Road (Trubarjeva cesta).

The shop in question is named »Že v redu, Primož« what could be translated as »It’s alright, Primož.« Its name is derived from an anecdote connected to Primož Trubar (whose surname is also the street’s name), the author of the first Slovene language printed book in 1550.


When living in the vicinity of German Tübingen, already at that time renowned for its excellent beer, Primož Trubar went one summer evening to get a cold beer at the best local inn. As a Protestant preacher and priest, he felt slightly embarrassed when an attractive waitress brought him a ceramic jug of beer. His hand shook and the jug, full of freshly brewed beer, fell on the floor and shattered. Immediately, all of the guests bursted into laughter. The friendly waitress saved Primož from embarrassment, waved her hand and said: »Schon gut, Primus« or in translation: »Don’t worry, Primož« or »It’s alright, Primož«.


The owner of the beer-craft shop »Že v redu, Primož« on Trubarjeva Road found this legend appropriate to use it for a name of his beer shop. The love of drinking beer and the craft beer revolution led him to open his small beer shop two years ago, stocking some of the best brews from microbreweries and other quality brewers. In addition to a varied selection of craft and other types of beer from around the world, the staff at the beer shop provides additional information on beer and domestic and foreign brewers.

The shop offers all kinds of boutique beers; most of them are ales, however, there are also classics like lagers and pilsners, and most of the beers come from microbreweries. The shop presents for a perfect opportunity to try Slovenian boutique beers. As the shop’s founder and owner Damir Golijaš told for Kongres Magazine: »At the moment the shop provides craft beers from 17 Slovenian microbreweries, but in summer months the number rises to 25.« Of course, the beer shop also sells products of foreign microbrewers. Specifically, they sell beers from around 15 countries, while they sell around 25 foreign brands.


While visiting the shop, the guest can play some music from the records available, be it jazz, funk, rock, etc. Another exclusivety of the shop is its weekly special offer. Meaning, as Mr.Golijaš explained: »The special offer consists of carefully selected and assembled 6 beers, and every week we make sure that we add at least two new brews into the selection.«


Tasting of the beers on offer can be occasionally done in- and in front of the shop, however, if that is not possible, then the shop gladly gives tips on idyllic places around the River Ljubljanica, in parks and at- or underneath the Ljubljana Castle hill. In addition, the shop has prepared a list of the nicest benches, stairs and platforms where a beer aficionado can enjoy the freshly bought boutique potions from the »Že v redu, Primož« selection. In Ljubljana it is all about having fun, the same as in this shop. Fun and pleasure in tasting really special beers.


When asked about his favourite beer, Mr.Golijaš laughed: »They often ask me this, but there is too many … However, if I really need to quickly choose one among the Slovenian ones, then I would go with the Sour Sister from the Reservoir Dogs Brewery«.


Certainly tempting. Just think about it! Who names his brewery Reservoir Dogs? And who names its beer Sour Sister? Probably someone who likes to have fun. But for more detailed information, when on a congress trip to Ljubljana, stop at the »Že v redu, Primož« and find out more about it all. Fun guaranteed on all the levels. From shop name’s background, to the names of the brewers and brews.