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The session titled ‘Creating Powerful and Inspiring Meetings’ will be held on Wednesday, 16 May 2018 from 11.30am until 12pmin in Seminar 3 Inspiration Hub, Stand H920, Hall 9.0.

The session’s focus is on how every events planner’s wish is not only to satisfy participants’ needs, but also to inspire them. It takes careful planning and storytelling to create a connection between the organiser and participant, but whent it’s done well, the sparks fly.

Toleranca Marketing uses a process of planning events called ‘Power to the Meetings’. The methodology is based on many years of experience and is inspired by the Danish Meetovation methodology. In order to develop the positive experience of the participants, Mr.Čad‘s agency follows the logical phases by using a variety of tools integrated in every event and led by certain rules that can only be learnt by time and through experience.

Thus, the speaking session of Gorazd Čad allows for a great opportunity to hear about his decades-long insight into the event planning that satisfies and inspires the participants. In his presentation, Mr.Čad will explain the secrets and essential parts of every phase of the careful event planning that results in a spark of creative energy between participants and organisers.

He will describe the planning of Content, Participant Journey, Branding, Rhythm, Creative Set Up, Speaker Management, Co-creation, Authenticity, Green Thinking, and ROI. For each of the planned phases he will also reveal the necessary practical tools to achieve the set goals. And, finally, Gorazd Čad will talk about the Secret ingredient for the energy.

A speaking session that will bring the knowledge of a modern, visionary, creative, innovative and trendy planning of events into new levels for everyone who want to gain practical tips on meeting design; discuss interactivity, personalisation and festivalisation; and learn how to tell stories to exceed the participants’ expectations.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018 at 11.30am


Seminar 3 Inspiration Hub, Stand H920, Hall 9.0


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