Photo credit: Estonian Convention Bureau

The rankings, based on the number of ICCA meetings held in a city or country during the year, show Tallinn with 46 meetings in 2017 compared with exactly half that number in 2016, when the city was ranked 111th.

ECB Managing Director Kadri Karu attributed the positive results to more event planners having finally “discovered” Tallinn. “They’re always looking for fresh destinations, and when they see that Tallinn is not only a fascinating place but also compact and easy to get around, that really gets them interested. Having high quality hotels and good value for money often seals the deal,” she said.

Estonia’s university hub, Tartu, also had a respectable showing for a city of just 100,000. It came in 119th place with 22 meetings, beating Antwerp, Istanbul and Cambridge. The figure marks a healthy improvement compared with the previous year’s 16 meetings, which put the city in 160th place among the world’s conference cities.

Estonia as a whole came in 45th place worldwide, up from 52nd the year prior, making it the ICCA leader among the three Baltic countries.