Barbara was first actively in touch with tourism industry as a promotor of Slovenia as a destination during her postgraduate studies in London, UK. After several years of working in marketing and PR industry, she became again »ambassador« of Slovenia, this time in Paris, France. Working closely with Slovenian Tourism Bureau in Brussels, she was conducting their promotion projects all over France. Already well infected with tourism, she then started working with Slovenian tourism suppliers to sell destination in France and internationally via her own websites. Currently, she is leading a Mice team at Kompas DMC, organizing incentives, seminars, conferences, and events for mostly foreign partners in Slovenia and the entire region.

Q: Which are the most popular incentives in Ljubljana organised by Kompas?

Most of the times, when the clients come to Slovenia, they do not concentrate on Ljubljana, but on the whole country or at least two of its regions. They always ask for the wow of the destination and we always suggest a combination of typical Slovenian activities and special »effects«. That could be a surprise concert in a special venue, a culinary workshop with Slovenian dishes and a theme party, a rowing teambuilding or truffle hunting with local products tasting.. It all depends on the client’s wishes. Some prefer culture, the others dining and the rest will go for an active sporty program. Our job is to add a Slovenian touch to it.

Q: Which of the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention venues do you find to allow the most creativity for events?

Most of the clients are still not prepared to go to non-standard venues, so classic venues are still the most popular, but my favorites ones are less conventional and outdoor if only the client agrees.

Q: How do you implement creativity in your meetings and incentive programmes?

As mentioned before, it depends on how open to new ideas the client is and what are the expectations.  And based on that we are often challenged to look and create new also unusual experiences fort hem.

Q: Tell us something that might surprise the meeting planners about your city.

When you talk to people about Slovenia that they have never visited before, they are always surprised by its rich offer, diversity and green nature. I think these are our main selling points that we build on when working with foreign buyers.

Q: What trends do you think we will see in meetings and events in Ljubljana in the next 12 months?

Let’s only hope the clients become more open for different types of events and unusual venues. But the ball is also on our side. We need to promote these »venues« more actively.

Q: What is your personal favorite incentive idea in Ljubljana?

I love unexpected concerts in hidden corners of our capital city. When it is the least expected and it gives you chills at the first tune. But also any green and sustainable projects when everybody feels enriched at the end.

Prepared by: Ajda Borak

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