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Every year Conventa draws attention to excellence in the meetings industry with an award for the best event in ‘New Europe’

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The Meeting Star Award is the oldest award of its type in the meetings industry. Since 2009 the organisers of Conventa, together with the editorial board of Kongres magazine, have been choosing and awarding the best congress destinations, hotels, and exhibition and convention centres. This year the winners of Meeting Star Awards will also be joined for the fifth time by the winner of the best event in ‘New Europe’.

This year the rules of the competition have been thoroughly revised, and the organisers have a desire that the competition will also become the leader in its field in the ‘New Europe’ region, just as Conventa has already become.

The intention is to award those events that are not only innovative and creative, but also effective – those that achieve, or even exceed, their long-term communication, marketing and business aims.

We thoroughly analysed your wishes and requirements and in front of you is a new model of the competition for the Conventa Best Award, which this year will be an integral part of the Conventa Crossover conference. This is the first regional ‘Festival of Events and Live Marketing’. It is dedicated to all those involved in designing ‘experience marketing’ – marketing that triggers emotional interactions between brand names and buyers, and between ideas and congress participants. We will debate everything from the organisation of events to guerilla and sensory marketing.

The deadline for registering your event is 15th July 2018, and I hope that you will respond to our invitation in great numbers.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Conventa Crossover, which will take place from 30th – 31st August 2018 at Ljubljana’s Puppet Theatre.


Evaluation of submitted events is carried out on a three-stage basis according to a unique 80:20 model (80% of votes are contributed by the jury whilst the expert audience at the Conventa Crossover event contribute the remaining 20%).

Evaluation process:

Phase 1: Online selection of submitted events
Pre-selection of submitted entries is carried out by an expert jury on the basis of strict evaluation criteria, which are presented below. The jury choose up to a maximum of five events per category (five B2B and five B2C). All the shortlisted events receive a diploma.
Applications should be submitted by 15th July 2018 at the latest.

Phase 2: Live voting by the audience at Conventa Crossover
At the Conventa Crossover conference, finalists will present their event to participants, who will evaluate each one using the Slido system. Presentations will take place in a combination of the Pecha Kucha format and video recordings. Each presentation should be a maximum of 10 minutes.

Phase 3: Announcement of the winners onf the basis of votes counted

The expert jury will choose the winners on the basis of the sum total of the points of the expert jury and the audience votes. The winners will be announced on the second day of the Conventa Crossover conference. Two awards will be bestowed – for the best B2B event and the best B2C event. In addition, the jury has the right to award one special recognition.


All submitted entries will be evaluated by a jury consisting of international experts from the field of event organisation. The jury will initially define a shortlist of events which will be announced on 17th August 2018.

The jury consists of 12 members who participate and have equal votes in evaluating the submitted entries. Every member of the jury makes their decision individually on the basis of their expert knowledge, reputation and authority. Each member also has the right to raise objections and questions, as well as an obligation to explain the scores given when evaluating entries to receive the main award. The work of the jury is planned and monitored by a representative of the organisational board of the Conventa Best Event Award.

The members of the jury for 2018 are:

  • Davor Bruketa, Bruketa & Žinić&Grey
  • Patrick Delaney, Soolnua
  • Ilka Dzeik, Event Roi Institute
  • Luca Favetta, Professional Convention Management Association
  • Ivo J. Franschitz, Enited
  • Jose Garcia Aguarod, Eventoplus
  • Jan-Jaap In der Maur, Masters of Moderation
  • Kevin Jackson, Livecom Magazine
  • Stefan Kozak, Creative Pro
  • Christian Mutschelchner, Vienna Convention Bureau
  • Melinda Rebrek, Pirana Productions
  • Salvatore Sagone, Bea World Festival

A chairperson and vice-chairperson will be chosen from among all members of the jury, who will have the deciding vote. A deciding vote is used only in cases where the results of the jury’s votes are tied.

Members of the jury are excluded from evaluation entries in which they are, or have been, personally involved, or where their companies or agencies are involved.

The jury can decide not to make an award in a certain category if it decides unanimously that entries in an individual category do not meet the standards of the award.

All the interim results of the evaluations of entries, the interim evaluations by individual members of the jury and the content of discussions among members of the jury are confidential. All members of the jury and the representative of the organisational board for the Conventa Best Event Award are committed to secrecy.


The main criteria that will be used for evaluating events are:

1. Creativity

Evaluating creativity in the approach based on the target group and originality/uniqueness of the concept of the event itself, which opens up new aspects in the organisation of events.

2. Relevance

How relevant the event is for the target group and what is the achievement of the target group and its involvement in the event.

3. Innovation

Measuring innovativeness in organisation of events, content, programme design and technical support. Innovations that are new in the region are taken into account.

4. Execution

The execution of the event from the perspectives of project management, management of personnel, partner relations with the client and logistical execution.

5. Results of the event

Evalution of the results in relation to the established targets of the project and the funds invested, and evaluation of the added value (Return on Investment — ROI).

6. Event communication

What the event contributed to the long-term communciation and marketing strategy of the client and the event organisers.

7. Sustainable policies

Communication and positioning the values and identity of sustainable management and actual implementation of measures at the event.

8. Legacy

Evaluation of the long-term effects and benefits of all parts of the project and measuring its wider social influence.

9. Overall final impression of the event

The overall impression: originality, creativity, added value.


Awards are divided into two categories:

– Best Corporate Convention / B2B

A meeting of a large number of individuals organised by a company or association with the aim of presenting innovations and acquaintainces. These events are usually invite-only.

– Best Trade Show / B2B

A trade show is a form of an exhibition of products and/or services that is aimed at members of specific industries.

– Best Incentive /B2E

Motivational travel is a meeting with the purpose of motivating and rewarding employees for their past work. Exclusive travel is entirely organised and, in the majority of cases, also paid for by the company or organisation.

– Best Product or Service Launch / B2B

Events for launches of new products or services. A typical example is the launch of new cars.

– Best Educational Event / Training / B2B

Educating and training for employees in individual companies, which is intended to promote the development of human resources.


– Best Association Conference, Congress / B2C

An interactive meeting for the expert public intended for debates, the exchange of opinions, searching for solutions and consultations. It can take place on a continual basis annually/biennially.

– Best Sports Event / B2C

Sports events that are organised by individual sports associations or private companies and which mainly include amateur participants and the wider public.

– Best Music Event / B2C

Musical entertainment events such as concerts, musicals, music festivals.

– Best Cultural Event / B2C

A public cultural event which includes one of the fields of art and which requires complex prepration and organisation.

– Best Non-profit Event / B2C

Events for non-government and non-profit organisations.

– Best Festivals / B2C

Multi-day events which enable an insight into achievements in particular professional or entertainment fields.


The fee for registering one entry to the competition is the same as the registration fee for the Conventa Crossover 2018 conference: EUR 250 (+VAT). This includes a registration fee for one person for both days of the event.

The winners will receive:
– Registration fee for one person for participation at Conventa Crossover 2019
– The right to use the ‘Best Event Award’ symbol.
– Conventa Best Event Award statuette


All events that have been concluded up to the deadline of 15th July 2018 may be entered into the competition (from 1st January 2017 – 15th July 2018).


Title of the project:
About the project:
Video (a short video of up to 3 minutes):
Pictures (up to 15 pictures):

Description of the achievement of key criteria (for each field a maximum of 1,000 characters with spaces/160 words)
1. Creativity
2. Relevance
3. Innovation
4. Execution
5. Results of the event
6. Event communication
7. Sustainable policies
8. Legacy


Add supporting materials that can be used to present your entry on the website, ceremony:

Vector logo
Pictures (high resolution)
Please include up to 20 high resolution pictures.
Social media

  • Tehnical requirements – photographs:
    Minimal resolution: 1920×1080 px / 300 dpi
    Format: jpeg
  • Technical requirements – video:
    Minimal resolution: 1920×1080 px / 720 p
    Format: mp4
    Hosting: YouTube, Vimeo or own website / Maximum length: 6 minutes


Q: Can multiple events be entered into the competition?
Individual organisations or agencies can submit an unlimited number of applications in individual categories. The fee for each entry is EUR 250.

Q: From which countries can entries be submitted?
Applications are open to all event organisers in the region of ‘New Europe’ (Central and Eastern Europe).

Q: For which time period can events be registered?
Events that were organised in the period from 1st January 2017 up to the deadline for the submission of applications of 15th July 2018.

Q: Is the recipient of the award the agency or the client?
In individual categories, in addition to the client, the agency i.e. the executor of the project, receives the award.

Q: What kind of promotion do you assure?
All finalists will be published for an indefinite period on the project website –

Q: What does the participation fee include?
The fee for the submission of entries is EUR 250 and includes participation in the process of evaluation by the international jury, and 2-day attendance of the Conventa Crossover conference on 30th and 31st August 2018 in Ljubljana’s Puppet Theatre.

Q: Who will evaluate the entries?
An international jury consisting of well-known experts in the field of event organising contributes 80% of the votes whilst the remaining 20% are provided by participants of the Conventa Crossover conference.

Q: What are the evaluation criteria?
The evaluation criteria can be found on the website
Each criterium is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10. The sum total of the jury’s nine evaluations contributes 80% of the final result, whilst the sum total of the evaluations of the participants of the Conventa Crossover conference accounts for the remaining 20%.

Q: What does the 80:20 model mean?
Evaluation of submitted events is carried out on a three-stage basis according to a unique 80:20 model (80% of votes are contributed by the jury whilst the expert public at the Conventa Crossover event contribute the remaining 20%).

Q: How does the process of evaluation take place by the public?
Evaluation will take place live via the Slido application through a moderated evaluation at the end of each presentation by finalists.

Q: Where will the awards ceremony be held for the Conventa Best Event Award?
The award will be presented as part of the jubilee Conventa Crossover conference which will take place on 30th and 31st August in Ljubljana.


1. The Conventa Best Event Award is a stage on which the best events are presented – those which were also confirmed by an independent jury, and where companies are able to compare their work with others.

2. After the competition, you will receive the results of the evaluation, which will enable you to further improve and upgrade the event, since the basic mission of the project is the exchange of good practice and knowledge.

3. All submitted entries will be promoted extensively via all Conventa’s communication channels and through Kongres magazine, which, based on reach, is at the top of Europe’s professional media.

4. All finalists will be listed on the micro-portal of the Conventa Best Event Award, which is becoming a reference point of quality projects and a ‘manual’ of examples of good practice in the field of event organising.

5. Registration for the event includes a fee for participation at the Conventa Crossover conference, which is the most important annual festival of event organisers in the region, and which will be marked by a diverse and quality programme.