MPI Rise Awards

The biggest meetings industry organization in the world, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) awarded its highest distinction in the Rise Award Member of the Year. The recognition went to Wojciech Liszka – founder and CEO of Z—Factor, representing MPI Poland Chapter.

Rise Award Member of the Year is a prestigious recognition for people who are particularly committed to the development of this organization and actively work for the international meetings industry. Wojciech Liszka, founder of the Z—Factor company and owner of the Demand Outlook system- the largest conference reader board data provider in Central and Eastern Europe, was selected from among 18 thousand members of the MPI community around the world.

The results of the competition organized by the Meeting Professionals International association were just announced and the prize was presented during the global MPI World Education Congress in Indianapolis. Wojciech Liszka was awarded the Rise Award Member of the Year as the second person in Europe throughout the history of the association.

The success of his company Z-Factor, is mainly in the development of the Demand Outlook tool. This project gathers detailed data on meetings organized in the largest cities all around Europe. Currently, information on the specifics of meetings is already collected in 15 countries, which is the largest database on this subject collected by one entity. It gives a huge range of possibilities in the scope of analyzing collected information about booking potential of over 38 000 meeting bookers and gaining competitive advantage by prospecting only precisely defined clients.

“Involvement in building the structures of the local MPI chapter and many contacts established within the organization helped me to introduce my own company on the international arena – especially when it comes to popularizing the original Demand Outlook system,” says Wojciech Liszka, who has been active in the MPI structures for last 10 years. “It is still difficult for me to believe that out of 18,000 people thriving on both sides of the ocean, it is me who has been chosen.”

Wojciech Liszka is one of the co-founders of the organization structures in Poland and the two-time president of the MPI Poland. During his tenure, the number of organization members in Poland increased by 185 percent. He is the initiator of the cyclical Meetings Week Poland– the biggest industry event in this part of Europe. He was also involved in the Poland Meetings Impact project, as well as a number of charity events – such as Imex Challenge and Poland Business Run.

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