Photo credit: Yemna Cosmetics

Sylvia Durinova is a name behind the Yemna Brand. Sylvia was working as a freelance masseuse and a therapist for over a decade. And as years went buy, working as a masseuse became to physically demanding for her, so she slowly decided that her life needs a change.

As a masseuse she was mixing different oils and various herbal blends, to get the best effect for her clients. She also started to produce cosmetics for her personal use. She started to produce scented soaps with her favorite scents and most suitable for her skin. And soon she also learned to make creams, mascaras, compact powders. She fell in love with self-sufficiency and total control of the ingredients. So she decided to give it a try and created her own cosmetic brand – Yemna, of course upon the approval of the hygiene and health institute. Within less than a year she started to officially produce soaps, deodorants, shampoos and creams, which all went through dermal testing in a certified laboratory, before the official selling in the stores.

Photo credit: Yemna Cosmetics

Yemna products are containing raw materials that are specifically chosen from carefully selected suppliers. The whole body care product line contains vegetable oils, which have beneficial effects on the skin and are all locally produced. Choosing locally produced ingredients supports the domestic economy and reduces the carbon footprint. So that also makes Yemna an environmentally safe product.

Yemna also contains oils like poppy, grape, and cannabis which have a long tradition in Slovakia. Poppy, hemp, and vines were cultivated in the history because of its healing effects. The seeds were pressed to oils that were used both internally and externally as a dietary complement. By incorporating these ingredients Yemna continues spreading the tradition. These oils can be found in nurturing lip balms, facial oils, men’s chin balms, protective hand balms or lip scrubs.

The products also contain the healing herbal mascerates that are produced fresh from herbs that are gathered in Slovakia, such as small-leaved lime, chamomile, horsetail, urtica, malva, burdock, nut leaves, mint, lavender etc.

Sylvia has a clear vision on producing natural cosmetics, that has a good impact on the health of its users and is also environmentally friendly. She is slowly but surely making her room on the store shelves. And our advice, a Yemna product is a good option for a gift or souvenir to bring from Slovakia for yourself or someone you care for.

Photo credit: Yemna Cosmetics