Q: Why have you entered the Conventa Best Event Award competition?

NT Conference is an event with 23 years of tradition, but we know it’s also an event with very specific audience. Our goal was to present this biggest Slovenian business and technological event with more than 2,200 attendees to wider public and to other event managers in the region. According to all the results, we are convinced we are doing a great and very prosperous event, so it’s time to share it also with the others who may not have heard about the event.

Q: What does it mean to you that your event has been selected among the finalists for the Conventa Best Event Award?

We are happy that also the professional public recognizes our quality work and all the effort we are putting in the event within the ten months – which is the period, needed for organization of such three-day conference.

“Secret recipe for success always lies in knowledge and data, and also in creative approach.”

Q: What is your secret recipe for a successful and effective event?

Secret recipe for success always lies in knowledge and data, and also in creative approach. We know our target group, what means that we analyze everything we can. We also understand them and try to look at the event with their eyes. When we have all the available data, we add a touch of creativity and that’s the recipe for a success of the event, which lies in a satisfied attendee – and a satisfied client.

Q: If you had unlimited resources and a client who would say ‘yes’ to everything, what kind of event would you have organised?

That’s a good question and I don’t really have a clear answer, because to give the imagination such wide wings would be just amazing! And I would probably be thinking about it for a few days … But I would definitely go in direction of a multisensory incentive event in Slovenia. That would be a great challenge for me and my colleagues and I can just hope that someday a client like that would come around!