Valamar today belongs among the 10 biggest companies in Croatia according to its market capitalization, it is also the leading investor into Croatian tourism, large exporter, an important partner of Croatian economy and a leader in leisure tourism in the region.

Željko Kukurin, CEO at Valamar Riviera, at the opening of the new management building, said: “We want to grow together with our employees and we want to set a positive example for the community. For this reason, we continue to follow our own Valamar formula: investing into employees and quality and investing into the development of products and destination in a socially responsible and tenable way.” Mr.Kukurin also presented the new directions of the brand strategy and brand marketing under a slogan ‘All you can holiday’ with which Valamar will soon launch a promotion.

Besides opening the new management building, Valamar marks the occasion of the company’s 65th anniversary also with one another important event, as Mr.Kukurin emphasized – after years of expanding the company to all Croatian corners, Valamar has now made the first step towards international business. Meaning, Valamar has made a proposal for purchase of the Petersbuehel hotel in Austrian Obertauren, what makes for the first Valamar’s investment outside of Croatia.