Photo credit: Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board/Ciril Ambrož

Maribor is home to the oldest vine in the world. Certified as being more than 400 years old, the vine is the Guinness record holder for the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes. The vine, also a protected natural monument, grows at the front of a long solid two-storey old townhouse, named The Old Vine House that is situated near the serene Drava River.

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The 32nd Ceremonial Grape Harvest of the World’s Oldest Vine will on Sunday, 30th of September, open the Maribor’s Old Vine Festival that annually celebrates the oldest vine. The Old Vine, growing in the heart of the old city center on Lent, is the pride of Maribor, Styria, and Slovenia.

Photo credit: Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board / Ciril Ambrož

The grape harvest of the Old Vine according to old Styrian customs and habits has become a real city holiday, which is watched by crowds of people from Maribor and other guests. The tasting and evaluation of the first grapes is an important role, which is carried out by the master of the Old Vine, the Mayor of Maribor. When he ascertains that the grapes are ripe, he orders the grape harvest to begin.

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Grape gatherers, who are chosen by the master of the Vine, collect, weigh, measure the sugar content, grind, press, pour into containers and hand over to the care of the Meranovo Estate.

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The yearly harvest of around 35 to 55 kg of grapes is made into wine and poured into 2.5 dl bottles designed by a famous artist Oskar Kogoj. The bottles are a valuable protocol gift – only a hundred are filled every year!


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During the grape harvest, the business guests can have a good time by watching a selected cultural-entertainment program, when many well-known popular ensembles, brass bands, folklore groups, and singers perform. On the bank of the river Drava are also present wine growers and viticulturists and caterers, who offer the best they produce.