Đive Kovačević was, according to Poslovni Turizam, on the 1st of September appointed as a vice president of Croatian National Tourist Board’s Congress department. The national Congress department that functions as a Convention Bureau, was established at the beginning of 2018.

The newly appointed vice president told for Poslovni turizam: »Congress tourism is an important segment inside the tourist industry, especially when we talk about prolonging the tourist season. We know that the congress tourism mainly takes place out of summer months and it, thus, enables a development of tourism activities in urban centres acroos the country. And additionally, the congress tourism presents Croatia as an attractive destination for the all-year-round tourism.«

Đive Kovačević brings to Croatian congress tourism many years of experience and her appointment to the new position has been inside the industry and among the experts very positively welcomed. Ms.Kovačević was an expert associate from 2007 and until 2013 at the previous Convention Bureau which was then shut down in 2014. From there, she went to the Department of fairs and business presentations as an expert coordinator.

In her short statement, Đive Kovačević emphasized the main tasks and plans of her future work: »The Congress department of the Croatian National Tourist Board will in the upcoming year direct its activities towards the congress and incentive market with a goal of Croatia’s even better positioning on a very demanding and competitive international market. We will encourage the cooperation between the public and private sector and we will be actively supporting the organisers of international gatherings and insights. We will carry out activities of thematic advertising, inspection tours, participation on congress trade shows, organisation of business presentations and all other key promotional activities. We believe in quality and pro-active cooperation with all the key stakeholders in tourism.«