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1. CardMunch

Are you getting sick of hanging on to masses of business cards? Consider CardMunch. Take a picture of a business card, and this free app automatically stores the information in your smartphone’s contact list.

2. FlightTrack

Keep track of your own travel—but perhaps more important, the travel of your attendees, partners and speakers—with FlightTrack. The app lets users organize multiple flights, share travel information with others and get notifications about changes in travel.

3. MindNode

Map out your brain with MindNode. This app, based on mind maps, lets you start with a central theme or idea and then brainstorm and collect ideas in a way that’s visual, organized and intuitive.

4. Jet Leg Rooster

Avoid your Jet Leg with simply inputting your travel dates, destination and usual sleeping times and the calculator will generate a 5-day sleep schedule to help you adjust to the new time zone before travel.

5. Planning Pod

This online event management software integrates nearly 50 planning tools into one easy-to-use database. The app streamlines processes by enabling you to manage nearly every aspect of your events—including budgets, attendee lists and event itineraries—all in one place. The application allows your team to keep track of calendars and tasks, share files and create dashboards for a quick overview, or detailed reports for a more in-depth status update.

6. Slack

A team-messaging tool that’s revolutionizing the way we work. Slack allows users to organize team conversations into channels, open private channels for sensitive information and share files. The app eliminates the need for endless email threads and offers completely searchable conversation archives. Users can also link Slack with other Web tools, including social media and Google Drive, so that they receive notifications only in Slack.

7. FlightStat

If you’ve got delegates arriving on multiple flights, meet and greets and ground transportation to organise, you’ll love the functionality of this app. FlightStat lets you track flights in real-time by flight number, airport or route. See what time the aircraft took off, what time it’s scheduled to land and get vital info about any delays or cancellations. You can even monitor the plane’s progress on a map – a treat for the control freak in all of us.

8. Trip Advisor

On the hunt for unique dining venues or just want somewhere decent to grab a spot of lunch between appointments? The TripAdvisor app can help. You can look up the top rated restaurants (and hotels and attractions) in over 300 cities, see which ones you’re nearest to and get directions. The app also enables you to read customer reviews, tells you what type of cuisine is served, gives you an indication of price range and contact details.

9. XE Currency

A currency converter is a must for any frequent traveller and this one is both excellent and free. The XE Currency app is the most downloaded foreign exchange app, with over 25 million downloads. It uses live currency rates, meaning it’s completely accurate, and you can add as many currencies as you like, making it easy to compare and contrast prices. Plus, it stores the last updated rates so it even works when you’re offline.

10. Google Translate

The language barrier need never be a problem again with Google’s newly upgraded translation app. Its real-time speech translation facility enables you to have a more natural conversation by automatically detecting which of the two selected languages are being spoken and translating them out loud. You can also instantly translate text by simply pointing your camera at it.