Photo Credit: ABPCO

The collaboration day was hosted by two former ABPCO co-chairs, Therese Dolan, and Nicole Leida, who’s shared a link to the association helped facilitate and plan the day. Since coming together, both teams have seen substantial value brought back into their separate organizations and applied to their work.

Topics discussed during the day included the challenges and opportunities with:

  • Marketing events
  • Programme setting
  • The use of technology and innovation
  • Sponsorship and exhibiting
  • Budgeting events and running events on-the-day

The two organizations also share the more specific challenge of operating exclusively in the healthcare and medical sector, which is notorious for strict regulations – a topic covered earlier in the year at an ABPCO roundtable entitled ‘UK Healthcare Regulatory Compliance: the implications for the Medical Society meeting’.

Nicole Leida, current ABPCO member and Head of Conference and Events at NCRI shared her experience explaining that It was reassuring to see they are often facing similar challenges. The chance to talk them through was helpful and allowed them to find solutions across the board. They also identified that the issues they face are often cyclical and therefore something they are dealing with now has been an issue for others in the past. Recognizing this meant they could revisit previous successes rather than starting from scratch. Overall, she thinks everyone came away feeling they had learned something new.

ABPCO is the UK’s leading organization for professional conference and event organizers, industry associates and those studying for, or seeking a career in the conference and meetings industry.

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