Photo Credit: Villa Meneghetti

Meneghetti Estate

Stancija Meneghetti is a hidden rural estate in southern Istria that was for over a century known as a refuge for Austro-Hungarian army officers, serving in several military forts located in the southern part of the peninsula. Abandoned by the former armies it was re-discovered in the early 2000s by a couple looking for a venue in Istria where they could start their own business. Stancija Meneghetti is a perfect venue surrounded by specious meadows, forests and is an ideal place for growing grapevines and olives. The estate can host up to 150 people and will for sure provide a delicious catering experience for your guests.

Today the estate spreads across 12 hectares of land planted with olive groves and a vineyard and enclosed by a stone wall. The 100-year-old Villa, which is set just two kilometres from the sea, took its Meneghetti name from the first owner, who moved to Bale from Udine. When the Austrians came to Istria in the middle of the 19th century, there was a fortress with 600 soldiers to protect Italy near Villa Meneghetti. However, in the 90s the estate started to decay, until in 2001 it was bought by the Croatian attorney behind its renovation.

A truly special place in the estate is the table set under the 100-year-old oaks with views over the surrounding vineyards. As an ensemble the estate feels like an island that has been dropped onto the mainland, a place where time has stopped and you are instantly relaxed. Everything here is to an extremely high standard, but at the same time oozing genuine warmth. The space is perfect and is just calling out for small business gatherings or social events. The current plans for expansion are ambitious and as they include more capacity for business meetings make this calling even stronger. The property will certainly gain a lot from that, but at the same time may lose a little of the current charm of complete privacy and exclusiveness. In the meantime, get your skates on to feel some of the authentic Istria.

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