“Surprisingly Close | Exceptionally Smart”

With the help of the Soolnua agency, the Bratislava Convention Bureau has developed a new brand in 2016, linked by the slogan “Surprisingly Close | Exceptionally Smart”. In a very short period of time, the brand has gotten well on the international market and the responses of the professional public are extremely positive.

The second part of the slogan “Exceptionally Smart” embodies the Slovak automotive industry, which is one of the fastest growing branches of the Slovak economy. In the framework of rebranding, the project Bratislava Motor City was created, which, through content marketing as well as through direct marketing, addresses the target group of organizers of moto events.

The highlight of the campaign was the organization of the fam trip at the end of September and was attended by the representatives of seven specialized agencies from Europe. The program was prepared and carried out by the energetic team of Bratislava CVB in cooperation with Merge Agency and the consulting companies Soolnua and Toleranca marketing. A webpage for the Motor City project was also created, showcasing exciting stories from Bratislava’s automotive sphere, as well as some cool special venues.

Bratislava Motor City Videos

Photo gallery from the BMC Fam Trip

Check out the BMC webpage


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