The most-viewed and most exclusive Off The Beaten Mice Track Venues and Destinations of 2018

Ljubljana’s Jazz scene

Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, is a city that breaths, sings and dances with jazz through many clubs as well as through festivals and even conferences.

Off The Beaten MICE track in Bratislava

If you are looking for a venue that will help you to create an extraordinary, unique and unforgettable feeling, we have some Off The beaten MICE track ideas for you, that won’t let you down.

Prague’s Hotel event venues

Over 7 million tourists visit the Chech capital every year. The number of local and international events organized in Prague is huge – and besides the special venues, hotels are also offering a variety of unique venues to host a memorable event.

Off The Beaten MICE Track in Prekmurje

We visited the Prekmurje region in order to check the status of their offer for congresses, meetings and events like incentive trips.

Pohorje Adrenaline Park

To experience Maribor in a different way than usual, the congress guests are recommended to get off the beaten track and visit the Pohorje Adrenaline Park.

World-renowned ski slopes

The Pohorje plateau, the pride, and joy of the Styria region and its capital Maribor, is a natural wonderland, in winter time transformed into a buzzing ski resort, one of the largest and most attractive in Slovenia.

A unique river island

A business guest loving nature should take nice paths along a Slovenian river Drava to reach a natural island ahead of Maribor – the island Mariborski otok.

Maribor’s another perspective

Beneath Maribor’s central square lies a 200-year-old viticultural gem – one of the largest and oldest classic wine cellars and one of the most beautiful tunnel cellars in Europe.

Could German Car Museums Be Special Venues?

The automotive sector is extremely important for Germans as it represents a way of life and a strong economic industry. The Germans are proud of their automotive brands and everything they represent in a worldwide sense.

The Azores – Always With Mother Nature

The slow island rhythm provokes a great deal of nostalgia, whilst I was surprised by its exceptional range of incentive programmes that can compete with many significantly more developed destinations.

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