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Anton Tomaž Linhart from the 2nd half of the 18th century, was a Slovenian playwright and historian, best known as the author of the first Slovenian comedy and theatrical play, Županova Micka. He is also considered the father of Slovene historiography; he was the first one to define the Slovenes as a separate ethnic group and he set the foundations of Slovene ethnography. He was also a polyglot, archivist and librarian. Thus, no wonder that Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre which bursts at the seams with arts and culture, named one of its halls after him, the Linhart Hall.


Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana is located right in the heart of Ljubljana, with easy and comfortable access to any of Slovenia’s capital sightseeings as well as important buildings and locations.

Photo credit: Cankarjev dom


Linhart Hall is beautiful and exciting for the red decor that gives it a feeling of warmth and coziness while at the same time it shines in style and class. Its red color is not aggressive and scary as the Red Wedding from the title of this article (the Game of Thrones fans know what we’re talking about here), but it is just the opposite – welcoming and exciting. It makes you feel as if anything can happen. In a good meaning, not in a bad meaning like in the .. ok, we’ll stop referencing the Red Wedding, it’s almost cheesy by now …

Linhart Hall is Cankarjev dom’s second largest hall with the theatre style of a stage. With its excellent technical equipment that can meet the highest expectations, Linhart Hall is very sought for venue for concert performances, theatre and dance productions, film screenings and congress events.

It is 880 square meters in size and it has 562 seats in cinema/theatre style.


The CD Congress Centre’s team cooperates with three catering providers: Jezeršek Catering, Maxi Catering, and Vivo Catering. According to the client’s wishes, the client can either arrange all of the catering with one of these three providers, or the CD staff will do it for them.


Since the Linhart Hall is located in Cankarjev dom, one of the most important Slovenian centres of arts and culture, there is no need to look for incentive programmes anywhere else. Everything is right there, just a few steps away: concerts, exhibitions, movie festivals, theatre, and dance performances, etc.. And red parties with GOOD endings as red in Cankarjev dom is good and not bad! OK … Now for real … no more Game of Thrones jokes. We promise.

Just go see the Linhart Hall, you’ll get it why we are so excited! It’s simply an awesome hall, it just blows your mind away! That’s why Conventa’s official opening on the 22nd of January will happen right there! Don’t worry, with no musicians with spears and mean intentions, just positive people having fun. We promise (again)!!!!

Photo credit: Cankarjev dom
Photo credit: Cankarjev dom


Cankarjev dom (CD – Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre)

Prešernova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Telephone: +386 1 2417 122


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