Photo credit: Florence Stoiber

Dominika Gschmeidler, CEO of Motto Catering

Q: What is your favourite thing about working in the catering industry? What about the most challenging?

Each event is different. If the event was successful, the guests give the feedback immediately on site. You have to be creative and structured at the same time.

Motto Catering – a unique symbiosis of the modern and the classic, of future and tradition. Zeitgeist combined with indulgence and sensuality, rare delicacies are turned into cult objects.

Relying on a harmonious interplay of quality and inventiveness, we provide a customised catering service that is tuned to client’s requests and needs. In doing so, we set great story by using regional organic produce. For instance, we offer organic bread by Öfferl bakery specifically created for Motto, domestic fish from Gut Dornau and organic meat from Sonnberg.

Q: What are the newest food trends you are seeing in catering in Austria?

The trend is moving away from mass consumption towards less plastic and more Environmentally friendly packing. A healthy diet will become even more important. This also reflects in using a lot of fresh, local ingredients, brainfood, salad bowls etc. available in high quality due to season.

Q: If you had one weekend to travel anywhere, which city would you dine in?

Either I would like to fly to New York or to Tokyo. New York always has the newest food that I let myself being influenced by the ones that I like the most. And in Tokyo, food culture is treated like art and chefs are performers.