Photo credit: Gault & Millau

In November 2018, the independent international guide Gault & Millau presented a Slovenia version of the guide the best Slovenian restaurants in Slovenian and English versions. They included 130 best Slovenian restaurants and inns, and also enriched it with presentations of 50 wine cellars, 15 small brewers and even a list of 50 popular gatherings (pizzerias, confectioneries, tapas bars, burger shops …). Slovenia was proclaimed a gastronomic region in 2021, and the guide will definitely help her to get international recognition on the way to her.

Seven professional Gault & Millau evaluators were visiting the restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops … across Slovenia for eight months. The evaluators visit the restaurants as regular guests. In addition to food, they also evaluate ambiance and service, photograph food, and at the end pay an invoice. To be ultimately objective, each site is visited twice.

Photo Credit: Ana Roš, Hiša Franko

So far, a fragment of the Slovenian culinary offer has been presented only within the Austrian Gault & Milleau guide. The fact that we have received our pure guide is a great step towards recognition on the map of world gastronomy. The foreign and domestic organizers of meetings and congresses will thus have the best providers of gastronomic offer, popular gatherings, wine cellars, small breweries in one place … A good culinary choice certainly adds value to every event.

The Gault&Milleau Guide also means great added value for tourists and visitors of Slovenia who are interested also in our gastronomic culture. It is meant for a very wide circle of food lovers, from those who like the culinary surpluses of special food restaurants, to those younger ones who are looking for a relaxed culinary experience. Slovenian restaurants are finally rated according to standardized criteria, which are the same anywhere in the world. Of course, this also enables a realistic and objective comparison with restaurants outside our borders.

Photo credit: Hiša Denk


 As the best, the Gault & Milleau guide, declared Hiša Franko and Gostilna pri Lojzetu (Restaurant by Lojze), who received the same number of points. Hiša Denk (Kungota), Oštarija Debeluh (Brežice), Restaurant Mak (Maribor) and Strelec (Ljubljana) received the four drops (thus, in this international guide, the quality of inns). According to the evaluators of this cult guide, Igor Jagodic from the restaurant Strelec on the Ljubljana castle became the chef of the year. The chef of the tradition became Meta Repovž, from the Gostilna Repovž, the chef of the future became David Vračko from the restaurant Mak, and the name of the young talent was given to Mojmir Mark Siftar from the restaurant Evergreen, Janez Bratovž and JB restaurant was awarded the contribution to the development of Slovenian cuisine , Matic Subic from the Maxim restaurant became the best waitress, and the best “pop” gathering place was chosen by the evaluators of the Ljubljana open kitchen.

Written by: Ajda Borak