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Virtual Reality Gin&Tonic Bar is located on Panenska Street (translated as Virgin Street) near Hodzovo Square in Bratislava Old Town. You can easily get there on foot or by public transport from basically any point in the city centre.

The cozy bar is perfect to host teambuilding, incentives or to just meet your favorite colleagues for a glass of high-quality Gin&Tonic with a good dose of an adventure into the world of virtual reality by your choice. Action games, funny experiences, dancing games, artistic and adrenaline experiences and also simulations where you have to get over the fear and many more are waiting for you behind the VR headset. You can escape reality and become a superhero saving the world, a fruit Ninja, you can compete in shooting games, or meet the whales, climb Mount Everest or visit the Moon, take an adrenaline rollercoaster ride or jump of a skyscraper. Over 40 games await for you to experience behind the glasses that divide the real world from the virtual one – where, do not forget – anything is possible.


The bar has 4 playing areas available, each of them can accommodate up to 14 people. Each area has its own couch where 4 people of your group can enjoy a slow drink while watching what the 5thmember of the group is experiencing via the VR headset on a big screen TV. To get the best experience possible each player gets 30 minutes of a VR experience by his choice. For a teambuilding event the total capacity of the bar is 45 people. If your team is smaller you can rent just as many rooms as you need.

To keep your team happy and energized they can also take care of the catering. And the friendly, skilled and English fluently speaking animators will create a relaxing and informal atmosphere.


Craft beers on tap, great vines, and good quality alcohol, and mainly Gin&Tonic. You can choose from 26 different types of gin from various countries and tastes.

Professional bartenders can mix more than 80 types of drinks. The drinks are often combined with sweet hand-crafted lemonades – the English gin with cherry tonic and roses, or the Spanish gin with herbal tonic, olives, and basil, or the French gin with classic bitter tonic garnished with apples, junipers, and citruses etc.

The drinks can, of course, be enjoyed in the playing areas or in the bar section. And for all the Gin lovers – they can even organize an individual tasting session of the premium Gins for a group of max 22 people.


It is possible to rent virtual reality with an animator for any event if you want to experience virtual reality outside of the bar. They can set the VR station at your event wherever you organize it – as long as it has electricity.


VRBA – Virtual Reality Gin&Tonic Bar

Address: Panenská 23, Bratislava

Telephone: +421 907 231 985

Mail: office@vrbratislava.sk

Web: www.vrbratislava.sk