Hungexpo Budapest, the largest Hungarian exhibition organizer, and event management company, part of the international GL events Group earned EUR 25 million (HUF 7.9 billion) in revenue last year, which is almost 30 percent up from previous year’s EUR 19 million turnover.

In 2018 Hungexpo launched three new exhibitions: HomeDesign, HungaroMed and Beauty&Style Show. The exceptionally successful and promising debut events also indicate that large audience fairs have been completely replaced by increasingly popular specialty exhibitions.

Over 450,000 people visited Hungexpo’s 90 own and guest events, exhibitions and conferences, and corporate parties last year, with three thousand companies presenting their events. The venue was open for events for 301days out of the year.


EuroSkills Budapest 2018

In March 2018 one of the biggest American pharmaceutical companies held its Pharma Seminar at Hungexpo. A two-day semi-annual repetitive event took place on 30.000sqm space across 3 halls. 2.100 people from 33 countries around the World participated.

The 15th Congress of the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC) came to Budapest in May 2018. More than 1500 participants attended on the event from 86 countries internationally.

Last September HUNGEXPO was home to EuroSkills Budapest 2018, the European Championship of young professionals. Nearly 100,000 visitors arrived to attend Europe’s most important professional competition. EuroSkills covered the whole area of HUNGEXPO: six halls and an event tent, altogether nearly 60,000 square meters covered space were used.

The largest and most complex event venue of Budapest is operating in full swing, the previously announced developments, the expansion of the exhibition area and the modernization of the halls are starting in May 2019.

Just before that, in April, the World Table Tennis Championship is taking place at Hungexpo, and in June one of the largest medical association’s (Era-Edta) congress, expecting 9,000+ attendees over a 4 days event.