Photo credit: Zavarovalnica Triglav

Zavarovalnica Triglav, Slovenian insurance company, has in Ljubljana recently opened Triglav LAB which can be also booked for diverse events. For the breaks or for incentives or just for fun, the attendees can, in addition, use a provided driving simulator, ski-jump simulator, and even an earthquake simulator.


Triglav LAB is located on Dunajska road 20, in Ljubljana city centre’s vicinity and close to the main railway and bus station.


The venue is actually a showroom for Triglav’s needs, but it is also available as a space for events.

Triglav LAB was designed as a centre of digital experiences. Its 300 square meters provide tribunes for workshops, presentations, press conferences, events, etc. Above the central part, that can host 80 attendees, there are three separated rooms available that can each welcome up to 10 visitors and can provide a more secluded and private space for smaller workshops or consultations. Two of the rooms provide a video-conference system.

The main room can host 80 attendees (40 seats on the tribune and additional 20 seats can be provided with chairs that are set along the wall, while the other spots are for standing). When the space is needed for a workshop, additional tables and couches can be set between the tribunes and the video-wall.


Client’s own arrangement.


Triglav Lab offers visitors the possibility of using innovative digital solutions. Among these is the DRAJV driving simulator, which enables users to refine their skills and eliminate irregular patterns, thus significantly improving their knowledge, safety and contributing to reducing the number of traffic accidents.

In addition to the interesting experience of virtual driving, visitors to the Technology Center can also experience how to stand on the top of the Planica ski jump hill, the tallest ski jump in the world, experience the virtual experience of earthquakes, and simulate rescue in a car accident.


Triglav LAB

Address: Dunajska cesta 20, SI-1000 Ljubljana