Photo credit: Architecture office Ravnikar Potokar d.o.o.


GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre Ljubljana (GR), this year celebrating its prominent 65th anniversary, recently introduced plans for a new addition to its infrastructure. More specifically, GR that boasts the largest event venues in Slovenia’s capital, is planning to welcome a new building. The gross floor area of ​​the new GR building is planned to be 2630 square metres and the total height of the building 24 metres. In the ground floor of the building, the GR will gain the largest multipurpose hall in Slovenia, mainly intended for fair and meetings activities. The hall will accommodate up to 4000 guests. The construction, worth between 5 to 8 million euros, will last for approximately one year, and is estimated to start between 2022 and 2023.


Photo credit: GR / Jani Ugrin

Photo credit: GR / Jani Ugrin

ESPID 2019, the 37​th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases took place in GR on 6–11 May 2019. Over 2300 participants from more than 90 countries from Europe and around the world attended. Leading international experts hosted clinicians, researchers, residents, and students to advance the field of paediatric infectious diseases. In particular, with the controversies in society and the media surrounding vaccinations, ESPID plays an imperative role in advancing the field and offering medical professionals the most up-to-date knowledge. According to the organisers of ESPID, they chose the GR due to it superbly meeting the needs of the ESPID Meeting, from being a suitable size to offering flexibility and growth options.


Photo credit: 500 Business Women

Photo credit: 500 Business Women

On 11 April, the signature event of the Slovenian Association of Women Entrepreneurs was held in GR. Organised by company 500 Business Women, the 7th 500 Business Women event, Slovenia’s largest event dedicated to women entrepreneurs, brought together around 620 participants. Marta Turk from the Slovenian Association of Business Women noted: “They were from Slovenia, as well as numerous guests from abroad like Scotland, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, and Germany.” The event included speeches, presentations and networking. “The GR was chosen for its perfect choice of space and venues that can combine a meeting with an exhibition together with a friendly and well-organised staff team. It was an easy choice for the size and needs of our event.”