Walk of Peace (Photo: Nea Culpa d.o.o.)

Experience of the past—understanding of the present


There is a memorial dedicated to the defenders of Slovenian soil on the scenic peak of Cerje, which is located on the western edge of the Karst plateau and offers a magnificent view of northern Adriatic, Friuli, the Dolomites, the Julian Alps and Vipava Valley. The initiative for building the monument that commemorates all those who died while fighting for this piece of land came from the patriotic organisation TIGR. In the Park of Peace (Park Miru; part of the Path of Peace trail that runs from the Alps to the Adriatic), where the Cerje Monument of Peace is located, the remnants of the First World War have been integrated into a rich historical narrative, further enhanced by guided tours of the caves (Pečinka, Krompirjeva jama, Klobasja jama) that served as shelters and depots and have been made into an open-air museum that also includes the so-called Throne of Borojević (Borojevićev stol), infantry trenches and military cemeteries.


For small groups, there is lodging available in the immediate proximity of Cerje; there are various accommodation options, but they are dispersed. Examples include the Kogoj inn, “Apartmaji in sobe v mlinu” (accommodation in what used to be a mill building), Štirna inn, Marušič tourist farm, and others. If you have a larger group, we recommend that you arrange lodging in one of Hit group’s diverse selection of accommodation in Nova Gorica.

The three pillars of the First World War exhibition—prepared by the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia—are an excellent starting point for understanding the locality and a good reason for organising your next event in Cerje. The comprehensive range of services brings remarkable variety to the meetings offering in Karst.

Part of the space available in the seven-storey premises is also intended for meetings, business and incentive events, but the first to discover the place were wedding organisers—this is now one of the wedding venues in the Goriška region. A small meeting hall can accept up to 50 visitors and is superbly appointed. The destination also offers a variety of incentive programmes waiting to be discovered by the event organisers.



The Karst Walk of Peace (in the immediate vicinity of the Monument) takes us through the peaceful, pristine parts of the Karst plateau, where we are able to visit the most interesting monuments and other objects forming the diverse legacy of the First World War. The Paths take you along existing dirt roads, trails and former military roads, far from the main highways.
All the paths are well-maintained and marked, suitable for hikers, cyclists and even riders on horseback. Visitors can choose one of a variety of routes of various difficulties and set out on a trip—a longer or a shorter one—across the plateau, where they are treated to marvellous views of the sea and the Alpine peaks.

Walk of Peace (Photo: Nea Culpa d.o.o.)


On the northern side of the ground floor of the Monument, boasting a view of Italian Gorizia, Nova Gorica, Brda, the Soča Valley and the Alps, there is “Okrepčevalnica Cerje”, a cafeteria offering local Karst delicacies, including “pršut” and “teran”. This is also where you can get the “coffee with the best view”. Since 2018, the Monument building has also housed Cerjanka, a store selling souvenirs made by local artisans employing traditional methods and crafts, such as stone cutting, brickmaking, whip making and shoemaking.


The municipality of Miren–Kostanjevica is well-connected, with good traffic links to Nova Gorica, Trieste, Monfalcone and the main tourist spots in the immediate proximity.


The Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic complements the stories of this region’s past that visitors can experience in numerous museums along the route, as well as in the many private collections. The Walk binds together the legacy, the institutions and the people in the area along the former Isonzo Front (Soška fronta) from Rombon to Devin (Italian: Duino). The symbolic mission of the path is cooperation and reconciliation between the nations that were once in conflict. Visiting the Walk of Peace is a wonderful incentive idea.



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