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Maribor’s greatest asset is its extraordinary access to nature, with an attractive position between the Drava river, the green Pohorje plateau on one side and, on the other, sunny wine-growing hills that stretch all the way to the Austrian border and beyond. The Drava Regional Park set along the Drava River, one of the longest tributaries of the Europe’s second longest river Danube, represents one of the last parts of the natural riverbed with ecological and natural environmental biotopes of the highest value. The Drava Regional Park is the central point of the region around the Drava River. To showcase the importance and beauty of the Drava River, the Initiative for Drava organises the Drava Festival along– and on the river.

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In the river’s entire region, with the central events being held in Maribor, the Drava Festival started on the 18th of May and will take place all the way until the 14th of July. Drava Festival’s aim is to present the river Drava and its many features to the local inhabitants, to raise the awareness of the healthy and quality living environment that the river allows, and to display the importance of the river’s preservation. At the same time, the festival wants to connect both individuals and providers of diverse services or products, thus stimulating cooperation for joint sustainable development and promotion of the Drava River’s region in Slovenia.

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The festival includes numerous environmental and tourist events, organised by various associations and organisations from the regions of Koroška, Maribor, Ptuj and even Croatia. The festival is coordinated by the organisation Initiative for Drava. The two-month festival is perfectly suitable for incentive programmes. Visitors will be able to taste local delicacies and get to know the traditions and customs of the diverse region of the Drava river as well as join many of the sports events.