Conventa Trend Bar in Lviv, Ukraine

The Conventa team embarked on a journey across the region, visiting destinations that are exhibiting at Conventa every year. Trend Bars are nothing new, but this year, they caught a big gust of wind and truly took off. By the end of the season, we will meet with over 500 meeting planners from the New Europe region. Up until now, 7 Trend Bars have been carried out, the latest being in Lviv, rounding up the Spring section of the event.


At every checkpoint, we were welcomed with extraordinary excitement and left with positive feedback. Every Trend Bar was carried out with the help of local partners, which were impressed by our energy and youthful vigour of Conventa.

The importance of unselfish sharing of knowledge will show on the long run, but Conventa is certainly the first B2B event that has grown into a comprehensive marketing platform. In the beginning, all our efforts were focused on the main stage in January, quickly shifting into a year-round concept with activities covering all of our partners’ needs.


Lately, our partners and clients often come to us with questions regarding marketing, which is why the focal theme of this year’s Conventa Trend Bar covers 20 good practice cases in the field of MICE marketing, where we talk about what works and what doesn’t. A workshop by Gorazd Čad, Co-founder of Conventa is usually followed by a lecture from a local expert speaker, which diversifies the programme and makes it that more entertaining. After the workshops, a chat with the participants about how to make destination and event marketing even more efficient follows.

Energetic, incredibly useful and necessary were the most common words used to describe Conventa Trend Bar by the participants.

Trend Bar web series

Conventa’s main goal is to enable growth for all its partners, not just those coming from the largest congress destinations. Helping us achieve that is our creativity, innovativeness and out-of-the-box thinking, which propels the event forward. Trend Bar destinations are chosen carefully, as we want to shine light on under-exposed destinations. This year, Trend Bars were held in Thessaloniki, Ljubljana, Maribor, Budva, Šibenik, Sarajevo and Lviv.



Conventa wishes to strengthen its position on the market. Its main competitive advantage is the 5-IN-ONE platform, which you can read more about here.


We swear by authentic contact and real conversations with our colleagues. We want to network, connect, share ideas and tell each other our toughest challenges. Despite all the latest and greatest technology, face to face contact with partners is the purpose of this industry. Just like we always say at the Trend Bars, we want happy participants, just like the Slovenian word for meetings suggests; “sreča-nja” (sreča=happiness)

We can’t wait for another round of Trend Bars in September, when we will be visiting Novi Sad and Sofia. If you would like Conventa Trend Bar to visit your city let us know and the show will come to you.