Photo credit: Matevž Čebašek

Cankarjev dom is the heart of creative congresses and events in Slovenia. Creativity is the essence of its work and for almost 40 years it has been a legendary institution and a synonym for cultural and humanistic activities and the meetings industry in Slovenia. Every year, more than 2500 events reflect the creativity and innovation of Slovenian society, culture, and science, and mirror the time.

As Slovenia is a part of Europe that prides itself on having its wisdom rooted in the ancient Greek past, Cankarjev dom is the right place to host a large international exhibition on Ancient Greek Science and Technology, IDEA, that is opening on the 12th of June and will be on display until the 3rd of March 2020. The exhibition is prepared in cooperation with NOESIS – Thessaloniki Science Centre and Technology Museum and will have the official welcome reception tomorrow, on Wednesday, 12th of June 2019.

Idea presents the development of ancient Greek thought and inventiveness in a series of scientific and technological discoveries and artistic achievements. The exhibition illustrates the inseparable connection between the development of Greek science and technology, focusing on mathematics, physics, astronomy and medicine among the scientific disciplines, and achievements in engineering, shipbuilding, architecture, telecommunications, hydraulics and the development of automatic machines and measuring devices in the field of technology.

The exhibition’s 3D-animations, interactive applications as well as replicas and scale models of ancient instruments help viewers gain an insight into the vast reservoir of technical knowledge acquired during the centuries of continuous Greek prosperity and development, which radically changed human life in several areas as well as significantly and long-lastingly contributed to Western science and philosophy.

Photo credit: Matevž Čebašek

Any congress or business guest to Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre in the next 10 months should certainly take a look at the past that is irreversibly intertwined with the present. What smart minds had built thousands of years ago, we still in different ways use in our everyday life today, be it architectural solutions, construction, geometry, even telecommunications. The exhibition provides for a perfect creative and educational break during meetings at Cankarjev dom.