Photo credit: Nea Culpa

The General Assembly of the European Cities Marketing (ECM), an association for Tourist Boards, Convention Bureaux, and City Marketing Organisations in Europe that is taking place in Slovenia’s capital between the 5th and 8th of June, elected its new president. The elected president is M. Sc. Petra Stušek, the Managing Director of Ljubljana Tourism.

“To be at the forefront of such an association is a great privilege and responsibility at the same time since ECM has an important impact on trends of city tourism. It contributes significantly to my professional life. I first came across the organisation in 2004; since then I have gained valuable experience based on good practices applied in numerous cities, which I share with my team and which can be upgraded in order to further develop the tourism in Ljubljana or we can learn from the challenges of other destinations. We are happy to share our excellent practices since we honestly believe in education by examples in the interests of the common good. At the same time, a membership in such associations also contributes to the promotion ,of Ljubljana as a modern and friendly city for both its citizens and visitors,” noted  M. Sc. Petra Stušek.

Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism

Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism

Her senior position in the leading European association in the fields of managing tourism in city destinations, promotion, and marketing activities of city tourism will further strengthen the image of Ljubljana as a modern, sustainable and successful tourist destination and consolidate her status of a top decision-maker in terms of the future of city tourism in Europe.

ECM includes over 115 cities from 38 countries and enhances the competitiveness and performance of its members which also come from non-European parts of the world. It operates as a platform for cooperation of professionals in leisure, business and city tourism with a purpose to establish new trends in the field of city tourism, sharing knowledge and examples of good practice, and networking.